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More Moisture in the Northwest Saturday Weather Forecast and Lingering Through Early Next Week

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The Pacific Northwest has enjoyed a relatively nice stretch of weather over the last few days. While it has been unseasonably chilly for most parts of the region, the moisture has largely stayed away.

That is all about to change as the storm pattern that has been positioned to the south over California will shift to the north for the Saturday weather forecast, bringing a rain and snow mix to the Northwest.

Here is what you need to know about the upcoming train of storms.

Multiple Rounds of Moisture Building in the Northern Pacific Ocean

Several rounds of snow for the higher terrain and rain for the low-lying areas will strike the Northwest beginning this weekend and extending into the early part of next week.

It will be difficult for residents to enjoy that extra hour of daylight on Sunday with so much moisture hanging around the region.

The action is coming together already in the northern reaches of the Pacific Ocean. A line of storms is forming and starting the journey across the ocean and into the Northwest, expected to first hit on Saturday. Western Washington and Oregon will be the first to see the impacts of this storm train.

Forecasters are also warning that the southern edge of the system will dip as far as the central portions of California, brining a renewed chance of snow for the Sierra Nevada.

This part of the Golden State is still digging out from last week's extreme winter weather event that dumped up to 100 inches of snow across the higher elevations.



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