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More Tropical Activity Brewing in the Atlantic Basin

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The Texas Gulf Coast is not the only part of the U.S. dealing with tropical weather impacts this week. The Southeast and northeastern Florida are also going to be in the crosshairs of tropical moisture as a new feature takes up residence along this area of coastline. Here is the latest on this emerging storm system.

More Tropical Weather Coming Together Off Coast of Eastern Florida

Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center (NHC) are monitoring a disorganized cluster of rain showers and thunderstorms that has come together in the waters circulation off the coast of the Southeast and eastern Florida. The NHC has assigned a low risk of tropical development through the end of the week to this feature.

Even if this system does not transform into a named storm, it will still bring heavy rain and other impacts to the eastern coastline of Florida, southeastern portions of Alabama, and up through South Carolina. The feature is predicted to move to the northeast into the Southeast as it churns over the open ocean waters located to the north and east of the Bahamas. Should this system take on a name, it will be called Beryl.

The feature will dump rainfall in the amount of 1 to 2 inches to the Southeast. The southeastern corner of Georgia will see the greatest amount of rain.



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