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Most Significant Threats to the Planet Include Loss of Forested Areas and Excess of Plastic

5 months ago
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You do not have to be a climatologist to be able to determine that the planet is dealing with a number of serious impacts brought about by climate change. From an increase in deadly wildfires, mass flooding events, searing heat waves, and a rise in tropical activity, these are just a few of the extreme weather events that have gripped Earth in recent years.

Scientists are pointing to five data points that demonstrate some of the most serious environmental challenges in modern times. Here are a few of the most significant threats that show the consequences of climate change.

Diminishing Biodiversity

The United Nations (UN) issued a report in 2019 warning of dwindling biodiversity resources across the planet. The report detailed that approximately eight million species are at risk of becoming extinct. The data indicates that the rate of extinction on a global scale is exponentially higher than it has been over the last 10 million years, pointing to the grave impacts of human-induced climate change.

A number of activities have contributed to this threat, including overfishing, pollution, and increased logging. The global wildlife population continues to decrease at alarming rates. The most significant threat to these dwindling species is the continued land-use changes that clear out forests and other biospheres to make way for urban development.

However, experts predict that climate change is likely to become the leading cause of diminishing biodiversity in the years to come.



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