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New York City and Philadelphia Snow Total Predictions Coming Into Focus

2 months ago
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Forecasters are becoming more clear in their predictions about the New York City and Philadelphia snow storm bearing down on the major metropolitan areas in the coming hours.

What can you expect for snowfall accumulation in these population centers? Read on for the details.

Snowstorm Gearing Up to Drop Varying Amounts of Snow Along Interstate 95 Corridor

Monday was the day to get out and run errands along the Interstate 95 corridor. While forecasters have been certain for days that cities such as Boston snow totals will pick up significant accumulation out of the impending weather maker, the amount of flakes expected to fly across New York City and Philadelphia has been less clear.

Both of these metro areas will be on the edge of the snow storm, making it more difficult to predict just how much snow will fall for millions of Americans.

The flakes began to fly late Monday and will continue into Tuesday, presenting numerous travel disruptions throughout the Northeast and beyond.

As a whole, the storm will wallop a wide swath of land stretching from the high southern Plains and up through southern New England, including much of the Mississippi and Ohio valleys along the way. The impacts of the storm will expand as far south as the mid-Atlantic, however, most of the moisture in this zone will fall as rain rather than snow thanks to the warmer temperatures in this region.



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