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New York Governor Hochul Issues Urgent Warning on Impending Excessive Heat Conditions

Last month
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According to her office, Governor Kathy Hochul has warned New York residents to take extra precautions to protect themselves against the high heat expected to affect the state this week. New Yorkers should take precautions to guard against the extreme weather conditions. New York City considers extreme heat events to be periods when the heat index reaches 100 or more degrees for one or more consecutive days and 95 degrees or higher for two or more days. The heat wave coincides with the official beginning of summer on June 20th.

The heat wave is the first in New York City since last September. Temperatures are expected to soar to 90 degrees between Wednesday and Saturday. The 90-degree temperature could hit as early as Tuesday, with high temperatures in the upper 80s and nighttime temperatures in the 70s.

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Residents Must Use Caution During Severe Conditions

Governor Hochul emphasized the crucial role of residents in staying cool and safe. The combination of humidity, heat, and severe storms will pose a high risk to New Yorkers, especially older people and those with severe health conditions. Governor Hochul's office will monitor the impacts of the severe conditions, but it's up to the residents to watch weather forecasts closely, stay hydrated, and have a plan in place if they need a place to keep cool.



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