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Nonstop Rains Unleash Dangerous Floods Across Tamil Nadu

6 months ago
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Nonstop monsoon rains have wreaked havoc across India's southern state of Tamil Nadu over the past week, sparking dangerous floods that have paralyzed normal life for millions of residents. Key roads, rail lines and infrastructure have been submerged as rivers and reservoirs overflow amid endless downpours.

Already reeling from the impact of Cyclone Mandous earlier this month, the state has been battered by another intense weather system, receiving around 50 mm of rainfall daily compared to the normal 2.5 mm for mid-December.

With more heavy showers forecast, the government has sounded red alerts in multiple districts while relief teams scramble to rescue stranded people.

Waterlogged Streets Halt Traffic as Rivers Swell Past Danger Marks

Videos showed entire neighborhoods transformed into stretches of muddy brown lakes filled with debris and floating furniture on Tuesday. Only the rooftops of submerged homes and temples were visible in some low-lying areas. Hundreds of villages have been marooned by the rising waters.

Most main roads and adjacent farmlands have disappeared under 2-3 feet of water. Communication lines have toppled while electric poles and transformers have crashed down.

With mobile networks and power supply disrupted across districts, even emergency services are struggling to locate and evacuate affected communities using boats and police vans.

As major rivers swell past danger levels after nonstop rain, authorities have been forced to open shutters of brimming dams and reservoirs to discharge excess waters, worsening the downstream floods.

The gushing outflows have washed away scores of shops and homes located close to river banks.



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