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Impacts of Nor'easter Will Linger During the Weather For the Weekend

2 months ago
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Just because the nor'easter is exiting the Northeast, it does not mean that the cold winter weather for the weekend is going to follow along with it.

Forecasters are warning that the cold temperatures and strong winds are going to linger for days after the nor'easter wraps up. Read on for when you can expect the stormy conditions to abate.

Effects of Nor'easter Will Not be Quick to Leave

The impacts of the nor'easter that roared through New England and parts of the interior Northeast this week will persist long after the center of the storm has dissipated.

A late season frost may be an issue for some areas as the mercury struggles to climb back to normal levels in the wake of the storm.

While most of the storms over the past few months have been quick to exit, this current weather maker is going to have more staying power.

Even after the moisture is done wreaking havoc, the cold temperatures and the gusty winds will be a factor heading into the weekend.

The longevity of these wintry weather impacts can be credited to a large dip setting up across the jet stream in the eastern part of the U.S. A dip of this nature tends to keep weather patterns in place rather than encouraging more progressive movement.



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