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Northeast Braces for More Rain and a Shot of Severe Weather

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More flooding is likely as a massive amount of moisture moves back into the Northeast later this week. The latest weather maker will also raise the risk of severe thunderstorms for some parts of the region. Here is the latest news on this developing system.

Threat of Flooding Back in the Forecast for the Northeast

Another round of soggy weather is bearing down on the Northeast, threatening to unleash more flooding issues for this water-logged corner of the country. The moisture associated with this system is part of the same storm that is currently dumping several inches of rain across the south-central U.S. The storm system will make its way into the Northeast by Thursday, hanging around until the start of the weekend.

A weaker disturbance has been pushing through the Ohio Valley and into the Northeast over the last day or two. This system has brought intermittent rain showers that will serve as an appetizer as to what is to come by the end of the week. Meteorologists explain that the weak midweek system is laying the groundwork for the larger storm to the south to be able to pull up moisture from the Atlantic Ocean and redeposit it across the mid-Atlantic and the Northeast.



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