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Over 40 Out of Control Fires Burning in Canada Forcing Evacuation of Thousands

Last week
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In what is already looking like a repeat of last year, a rash of wildfires has broken out across Canada in recent days, threatening some of the same areas that are still recovering from the record-breaking 2023 Canadian wildfire season. And just like last year, the smoke is also starting to make its way into some parts of the northern and central U.S. Here is the latest on this situation.

Detailing the Canadian Wildfire Situation

Over 100 wildfires are currently burning across Canada, forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents. According to the Canadian Interagency Fire Centre, there are at least 130 active fires with 42 of these infernos being listed as out of control.

A fire that has already scorched over 51,000 acres in Alberta is inching closer to the city of Fort McMurray. This is the same community that survived a series of fires in 2016 that caused billions of dollars in damages and sent 90,000 people fleeing from their homes for safety.

Evacuation orders are in place for the Fort McMurray neighborhoods of Grayling Terrace, Prairie Creek, Abasand, and Beacon Hill. The rest of Fort McMurray and its suburbs have been put on alert that evacuation could be imminent.



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