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Pacific Northwest Cleaning Up After Unusually Strong June Weather Maker

3 weeks ago
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A rare strong early June storm system pushed into the Pacific Northwest over the weekend, bringing heavy rain and strong winds to this corner of the country. How long will the unsettled weather pattern linger and what severity of impacts should residents expect? Read on for the details of this volatile storm that has roared in from the Pacific Ocean.

Washington and Oregon Under Gun for Immense Moisture

After an uncharacteristically warm and dry end to the month of May, residents of the Pacific Northwest woke up to a stark shift in the weather on Saturday. Cloudy conditions and a smattering of rain showers kicked off the weekend for much of the region. The storm will continue to wreak havoc as it moves farther inland in the coming days, ushering in strong winds and even the chance of snow for the higher terrains.

The coastline of Washington and Oregon will see the heaviest of the rain, raising the threat of flash flooding for many coastal communities. The bulk of the moisture will fall into Monday. Motorists using the heavily traveled Interstate 5 corridor between Seattle and Portland experienced significant rain on Sunday, reducing visibility and creating ponding on the roadways.

By Tuesday, many areas of western Oregon and Washington may pick up 1 to 3 inches of rain. The upslope regions are forecast to see over 4 inches of rain. Forecasters are also warning that the gusty winds associated with this robust weather maker will also create rough surf conditions up and down the coastline of the Pacific Northwest.



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