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Passengers Restrain Man with Duct Tape After He Tries Opening Plane Door Mid-Flight

2 months ago
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American Airlines confirmed that passengers had to hold down and duct tape a man’s legs after he tried to open an emergency exit door mid-flight on Tuesday.

The disturbance happened on Flight 1219, which was heading from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Chicago O'Hare Airport.

Shortly after takeoff, the disruptive passenger prompted the pilot to turn the plane around back to Albuquerque.

In a video taken by a fellow passenger, the man can be seen attempting to open the emergency exit door as multiple other passengers surround him and try to restrain him.

A child cries audibly in the background while another flier asks what is going on.

After successfully tying the man’s hands behind his back and wrapping duct tape around his legs, at least four passengers drag him down the aisle. One person can be heard declaring “They got him, they got him.”

Passenger Accounts and Aftermath

After the flight returned safely to Albuquerque, local law enforcement officers boarded the plane and took over custody of the disruptive man.

Another video recorded by passengers shows the aftermath - the man being escorted off the plane in handcuffs, his legs still tightly bound with silver duct tape.

A passenger named Donnie, who goes by @DonnieDoesWorld on social media, was one of the key figures who helped restrain the violent man.

After the plane landed, Donnie shared a photo on Twitter capturing the earlier frantic scene on the flight. He explained that just 30 minutes after departing Albuquerque, he was jolted awake from his post-takeoff stupor by the commotion of the man aggressively trying to jerk open the exit door four rows behind him.

Showing quick reflexes, Donnie and five other passengers had to wrestle the man into the aisle after wrapping his legs in duct tape and wrenching his hands behind his back into restraints.



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