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Persistent Storms Rock the Central Plains in Coming Days

3 weeks ago
Credit: Weather Forecast Now

The central U.S. is going to be in the crosshairs of more severe storms, prompting escalating flooding concerns for this part of the country. Here is what is on deck for the region in the coming days.

Stormy Weather Pattern to Linger

It has been a week of stormy and unsettled weather for a large portion of the Plains states. Several rivers in the area have been at major flood stage as the result of persistent rain showers and thunderstorms. Unfortunately, forecasters are warning that severe weather will continue to roam the north-central U.S. well into the coming week.

A handful of fronts are chugging along west to east along the northern fringe of the heat dome that has set up shop over the southern U.S. in recent weeks. The northern edge of this mass of heat will be the most likely area for storms to fire up heading into the first week of July, similar to the weather pattern that has gripped this region recently. Every disturbance will usher in a surge of humidity, laying the groundwork for storm development.

Friday's night activity focused on a zone from Colorado and into Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, and the northwestern corner of Indiana. The Kansas City area braced for several inches of rain as the storm cells pushed into the metro area with ferocity.

Saturday's Storm Zone Expands

Saturday's storm forecast will extend for about 1,400 miles from the northeastern edge of New Mexico and up into New York. Likely impacts with Saturday's severe weather includes strong winds, flash flooding, and isolated tornadoes. The greatest risk of tornadic activity will be across parts of Ohio, western Pennsylvania, and western New York state.

Looking at a few specific city forecasts on Saturday, Pittsburgh is expecting a stormy day ahead. The Steel City is predicted to be under the constant threat of showers and thunderstorms throughout the day and night. Winds will be whipping around from the south-southwest at 10 to 15 mph. It will be a warm and muggy day with a forecast high of about 88 degrees and lows dipping into the mid 70s overnight.

Storms will be the story to start the day in Indianapolis. Some of these storm cells could bring gusty winds and hail to the Motor City. While the storms are expected to clear out in the afternoon hours, the clouds will remain in place. It will be a breezy day with winds coming from the southwest at 10 to 20 mph. You can expect a high of about 89 degrees along with overnight lows that fall into the upper 60s.

By Sunday, you can expect the storms to track to the northwest and back into the northern and central High Plains. This track will put parts of central and eastern Montana and across to the Dakotas and down into Colorado in the potential impact zone. Residents in this region need to be prepared for damaging winds, large hail, and twisters. Winds could gust to as high as 90 mph at times, unleashing significant property damage and regional power outages.

Bozeman, Montana will be in the area that is likely to see storms erupt in the afternoon. These storms will become more widespread overnight in the college town. Highs will remain in the mid 70s with lows settling in the low 50s.



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