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Plains and Southern Storms to Break Up the Calm Conditions By Mid Week

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Spring is in the air, translating to a greater risk of thunderstorms and other types of severe weather as the month of March progresses.

This will be true for a large part of the central and southern U.S. by the end of the week as a series of storms is forecast to impact the region in numerous ways. Read on for the details of this volatile forecast.

Stormy Conditions Brewing for Central and Southern U.S.

Forecasters are putting residents in the central and southern portions of the country on alert for the potential of severe weather firing up later this week. This intense weather maker will bring the threat of high winds, flooding rain, large hail, and tornadic activity.

The arrival of inclement conditions will be a change from the dry weather and moderate temperature readings that will be the story for the beginning of the week for the Plains and the South. A large area of high pressure anchored over the south-central and southeastern U.S. will be responsible for the warmth that is filtering across much of the central and eastern parts of the country.

Readings will climb into the 80s for several communities across the south-central U.S. Some areas in southern Texas will even see the mercury top the 90-degree mark by Wednesday.



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