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Potentially Damaging Hail and Strong Winds

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The severe weather that moved through the central Plains late Wednesday is now expected to announce its presence across the Mississippi Valley. Forecasters are warning that damaging hail and isolated tornadoes will be a good likelihood for this region into Thursday night. Here is the latest on this developing weather situation.

Great Plains and Mississippi Valley Bracing for Severe Weather on Thursday

A major hail event could be shaping up over the Great Plains and the Mississippi Valley on Thursday as Wednesday's severe weather threat pushes to the east and the south. The ingredients are all in place for a dangerous hail event into the late hours of Thursday, encompassing over a dozen states in the middle of the country.

While Tuesday and Wednesday's severe weather was focused on a compact zone in the nation's heartland, Thursday's threats will be more widespread in nature. The risk of thunderstorms packing a number of impacts will stretch into northeastern Texas and over into the central portions of Illinois and western Indiana. This impact zone includes populated cities such as Dallas, Little Rock, St. Louis, Memphis, and Shreveport. The focal point of the storm will hover over northwestern Arkansas.

Meteorologists have been eyeing this development for days as the ingredients came together in a way that typically signals severe weather. In addition to the chance of damaging hail, the storms will also bring the risk of strong wind gusts and isolated tornadic activity.

What is most concerning is that the threat of the stormy conditions will linger well after the sun goes down. Storms that erupt in the dark are more dangerous to spot, meaning that people are more likely to be caught off guard. Nocturnal storms also carry an added danger because they can strike when residents are asleep and unaware of what is happening outside. This is why it is so important to enable all weather notifications on your smartphone.

Meteorologists are particularly concerned about the chances of large hail. Taking preventative measures to protect your vehicle is a good idea.



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