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Hurricane Season

Preparing Your Pets for Hurricanes

2 weeks ago
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In the event of a tropical storm or hurricane, it is paramount to guarantee the safety of everyone in your household, including all of your pets.

If the inclement weather requires you to evacuate your home, you must also evacuate your pets. This is why it's so important to stay well-prepared for bad weather. 

After Hurricane Katrina, the federal government mandated that all states include domestic pets and service animals in their disaster plans through the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Act (PETS Act).

Household pets and service animals can receive treatment, shelter and rescue services under this federal program, which gives FEMA the authority to do so in the event of a disaster or emergency.

Many shelters will welcome pets during evacuations in bad weather, and hotels may even temporarily suspend their "no pets" policy in the event of an emergency. However, you should always make alternative plans in case you can't access a nearby evacuation center or there isn't one. 

As part of your evacuation plans for your pets, you'll need to prepare a supply of clean water, food, medicine, bowls, a leash, a calming item (such as a blanket or toy) and a carrier.

You can put most all of these items in a go-bag labeled "emergency pet supplies." This way, you'll have easy and quick access to the items in the event that an emergency takes place. 

Let's explore some other helpful tips that you can use to keep you and your pets safe during bad weather. 

Understanding Your Pet's Vulnerabilities in Emergencies



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