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Quick-Thinking Teen Rescues Infant After Family Perishes in Winter Storm Accident

5 months ago
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It was supposed to be a quick errand for the Moore family on that fateful icy day in Portland. Little did they know their lives would be forever changed in a matter of minutes.

Seventeen-year-old Majiah Washington was sitting in her bedroom when a bright flash outside caught her attention. Pulling back the blinds, she saw a heartbreaking scene unfolding - a red SUV tangled in a downed power line, sparks flying.

Inside the vehicle, a young couple was panicking as they realized the extreme danger they now faced.

The woman, later identified as 25-year-old Sarah Moore, had been securing her infant daughter into a car seat when the accident occurred.

Now, seeing the live wire touching their vehicle, Sarah screamed for her boyfriend, 28-year-old Michael Smith, to get the baby to safety. Gripping his daughter tightly in his arms, Michael scrambled out of the SUV and started carefully making his way up the driveway.

But the concrete was so slick with ice that walking was nearly impossible. After only a few steps, Michael's feet slipped out from under him. As he fell backwards, his leg grazed the live wire. Washington watched in horror as flames erupted from the point of contact, swiftly engulfing Michael's pant leg.

Washington knew she had only seconds to act before the flames reached the tiny baby. With no thought for her own safety, she raced out her front door toward the unfolding tragedy.

Heart pounding, she gently took the baby from Michael's arms as he lost consciousness. After ensuring the infant was uninjured, she hurried back inside to call 911.

Tragically, neither Sarah nor Michael could be saved from the electrically charged vehicle. But thanks to Majiah's heroic actions, their 8-month-old daughter survived the horrifying ordeal. Doctors expect the baby to fully recover from smoke inhalation under Washington's dedicated care.



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