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Rain Showers, Thunderstorms, and Severe Weather Coming to the Central U.S.

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An extensive severe weather threat with rain showers, hail, and thunderstorms is set to unfold across the nation's heartland later this week, following a few days of relatively calm conditions.

Here is what you need to know about this developing stormy situation in the coming days.

Multi-Day Severe Weather Event on the Horizon for Central U.S.

It is still days away but forecasters are already sounding the alarm bell about a developing weather situation for the central U.S. beginning on Thursday. The multi-day severe weather event is expected to deliver a number of potentially concerning impacts, including the risk of tornadoes.

The last few days have been mostly benign throughout this part of the nation. This trend will continue in the coming days before the storm machine fires up again. The upcoming severe weather event is anticipated to impact multiple states and last for a few days and into the next weekend.

The first impacts of the system are expected to arrive Thursday afternoon, reaching the peak of activity on Friday. A large part of the region will see these impacts, expanding from the southern Plains and up through the Midwest.

In addition to tornadic activity, other effects to watch for include large hail, damming winds, and heavy rain.



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