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Rain, Thunderstorms, and Cooler Air All Set to Track Into the Eastern U.S. Through the Weekend

2 weeks ago
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Cooler air is on the way for the East Coast, however, rain showers and thunderstorms will be the first change in the weather pattern to arrive. Here is what you need to know about the upcoming weather for this part of the U.S.

Unsettled Weather Pattern Will Distinguish Back Half of the Week for Eastern U.S.

It has been a warm and dry few days for the East but that is all about to shift beginning on Wednesday. The first signs of the change arrived on Tuesday as a storm system tracked across the Midwest on its way to the Northeast. While this was not a major weather maker, it was enough to generate rain showers and isolated storm activity as far east as the mid-Atlantic.

A second storm system is forecast to wreak havoc on Wednesday and Thursday across a large portion of the central Appalachians, the mid-Atlantic, and down into the southeastern U.S. This system is predicted to generate rain heavy enough to trigger widespread flooding concerns. The storms will also pack gusty winds in an area from the eastern Great Lakes and down through the Ohio and Tennessee valleys.

The Great Lakes region is in store for a wet Wednesday. Chicago will start the day with light rain showers before the sun makes an appearance in the latter part of the afternoon. The Windy City will not be out of the woods yet as more rain is in the forecast for the evening and overnight hours. You can expect temperatures to settle in the upper 70s for afternoon highs with lows dropping into the low 60s after the sun goes down. Winds will be whipping around from the west-southwest at speeds of 10 to 20 mph.

Get out early in the day if you want dry conditions in Detroit. The chances of rain and thunderstorm activity will increase in the afternoon and evening hours. The Motor City is expecting a high of about 82 degrees with the temperatures dropping into the low 60s overnight.

Heading farther east in the Great Lakes region, Buffalo is forecast to see afternoon and evening thunderstorms with a high that maxes out at 80 degrees and lows that hover in the mid 60s.



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