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Recalling White Christmases of the Past

6 months ago
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While you may be dreaming of a white Christmas, there have been some U.S. Christmases that people would prefer not to repeat because of the snowstorms that happened on Christmas Day that made traveling treacherous, ruined people's plans and left everyone struggling to find a warm place to snuggle.

Christmas Blizzard 2022

The Buffalo, New York, area received up to 24 inches of snow during the Christmas blizzard of 2022. Winds accompanying the storm blew up to 65 miles per hour, creating white-out conditions. Wind chills dropped to –20 in some areas. The storm killed 22 people, with authorities reporting deaths from Denver to the East Coast and as far south as Tennessee.

Slick roads left many stranded in their automobiles. The storm also made it challenging for emergency crews to reach calls. They often ended up stuck in ditches beside the people they were trying to help.



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