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Several Cities in Northeast Record Wettest December on Record

6 months ago
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The month of December is coming to a soggy end for the Northeast, continuing the trend of the last few weeks. A number of storm systems have pounded the Northeast and beyond this month, making it the wettest on record for many communities in the region.

When will the moisture train finally come to a halt and will snow make an appearance soon? Here is a look back as well as a look ahead.

Wettest December in History for Many in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

The month of December has been atypically wet for the mid-Atlantic and into the Northeast as repeated storms brought heavy rain. Several cities set records with more moisture recorded in December of 2023 when compared to previous December months.

With records that date back over a century in some communities in the Northeast, it is particularly noteworthy to learn that this month will end up as the wettest on record for many.

For instance, Allentown, Pennsylvania has seen 8.32 inches of rain through December 27. The previous December record was 7.89 inches, dating back to 1973.



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