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Severe Weather Monday Morning to Linger Through Mid Week

3 weeks ago
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The threat of severe weather that encompassed a large part of the Great Plains on Sunday will push into the Mississippi Valley and Gulf Coast region on Monday, bringing a number of potential impacts as the new week gets started.

Here is a look at what you can expect this week.

Fiery End to the Weekend Weather Forecast for the Great Plains

Forecasters warned that the risk of potent storms would increase late Sunday throughout much of the central U.S. These risks will linger for the next few days with the storm cells predicted to push to the south and the east as the week progresses.

The most significant threat to the region through Monday night will be tornadoes that could spin up under the cover of darkness. Weather experts are urging residents in the potential impact zone to enable all smartphone alerts so that they are not caught off guard with approaching storms.

The most powerful storm cells could generate hail the size of baseballs. Wind gusts could reach speeds of up to 70 mph. Sunday night's impacts focused on the southwestern corner of Nebraska, western Kansas, and down into the panhandle region of Oklahoma and Texas.



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