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Snowpack Shrinking in Many Places, Study Shows, and It Will Get Worse

6 months ago

Across Earth’s higher latitude river basins, decades of warming winters have eroded frozen reservoirs sustaining vital regional water supplies, foreshadowing dire shortages ahead for billions relying on snowmelt to nourish crops and cities.

Recently published scientific examination of climate and cryosphere records proves warming atmospheric temperatures bear responsibility for the rapid recession of Northern Hemisphere snow accumulation supplying major watersheds throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.

As the heating tilts seasons toward truncated winters and earlier springs, the melting and evaporating snow fails replenishment while thirst swells downstream among those dwelling in sun-scorched lowlands.

This deepening imbalance germinates the seeds of discord over dwindling flows, presaging a climate migration crisis through regions rapidly shifting toward snow drought.

With populations booming along rivers terminating near hastily greying mountains, societies stand imperiled at the fulcrum between cold and warmth by an unstable frozen lifeline unravelling faster than the politics navigating an increasingly fractious scramble below ever-rising snow lines.



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