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So, Can Lyme Disease Kill You?

Last month
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Key Takeaways

  • While lyme disease can kill you, it’s not common.

  • Symptoms of the disease include a headache, fatigue, and bullseye-shaped rash.

  • Things become dangerous when the bacteria from the disease invades the heart.

  • If heart palpitations become a cause for concern, seek medical attention immediately.

  • In less severe cases, something as simple as a course of antibiotics may help the patient.

Can Lyme Disease Kill You? | Protect Yourself

Lyme disease is an infection caused by bacteria transmitted to humans through the bite of a tick. It’s named after the town of Lyme, Connecticut, where it was first identified in the 1970s.

The short answer to, “Can lyme disease kill you?” is yes, but it’s very rare. Symptoms include a characteristic skin rash that often resembles a bullseye, as well as possible fever, headache, and fatigue. If untreated, the disease can spread to the joints, heart, and nervous system.



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