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Southern Plains, Gulf Coast, and Southeast in Line of Fire for Severe Weather Starting Thursday

Last month
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A storm is brewing out West, threatening to bring flooding rainfall, large hail, and the chance of tornadoes to a large portion of the South and the Southeast.

Here is what you need to know about this potent weather maker.

Storm in Four Corners Region Marching to the East in Coming Days

It could be a rocky few days for much of the southern half of the nation as a new storm system targets the region with a number of severe weather impacts.

This system will first impact the Four Corners region on Thursday before pushing farther east into the southern Plains and across the Gulf Coast and into the Southeast. The impacts could be severe enough to disrupt travel and various outdoor plans.

It has already been a stormy start to the month for the South. While the region has seen a slight reprieve from the active weather pattern, the stormy conditions will ignite once again late in the week. Before the South sees the impacts, it will be the Four Corners region that takes on the moisture associated with this system.

For instance, normally dry Phoenix will wake up to rain showers on Thursday morning. Despite the appearance of some afternoon sun, high temperatures will remain in the mid 60s.

Colder temperatures in the higher terrains of the region will mean snow for places such as Flagstaff, Arizona. Temperatures that climb into the upper 40s will mean mostly rain for Taos, New Mexico. A few snow flurries are likely in the overnight hours as temperatures land in the mid 20s.

The system will not have a significant amount of moisture to work with as it moves through the Four Corners. This will limit the amount of rain or snow that is able to fall.

However, the energy in this system will be able to bring up more warm and humid air from the Gulf of Mexico as it moves out of the Four Corners region and across into the southern Plains.



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