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Southern U.S. Braces for Arctic Air as Northeast Sees More Snow

5 months ago
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The eastern two-thirds of the U.S. is going to be dealing with a number of winter weather impacts as far as the Deep South to start the week. Here is the latest on what you can expect in the coming hours.

Arctic Marching Deeper to the South

Millions of Americans woke up to a coating of new snow across the southern Plains and into the south-central U.S. on Monday morning. An influx of Arctic air circulating across the eastern two-thirds of the nation is going to bring the mercury down up to 40 degrees above the historical average for the middle of January.

It was an exceptionally cold start to the new week in the southern Plains. Daytime highs in Oklahoma City were only forecast to hit 15 degrees on Monday while Little Rock will warm up to a comparatively balmy 23 degrees. Moving farther to the south, Dallas was expected to only climb to about 27 degrees.

This mass of Arctic air will eventually make it into the Tennessee Valley and down into the Gulf Coast by Tuesday. Readings will top out in the 30s for the region with overnight lows falling into the 10s in some areas.



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