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Sporadic Showers Could Thwart Outdoor Plans for Mother's Day Weekend Out East

2 weeks ago
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While the weekend will not be a total rainout for the East Coast, a sporadic stream of moisture could put some outdoor Mother's Day plans in peril. Here is what you need to know about this unsettled forecast.

New Disturbance Coming From Canada Will Usher in Chance of Rain and Storms

A disturbance is set to dip southeast from Canada and bring a renewed risk of unsettled weather. The good news is that widespread impacts are not likely, however, locally heavy storms are a possibility.

The system originating in Canada will move at a fast clip as it tracks across the Midwest on Friday and Saturday. It will then slow its speed as it approaches the Northeast on Saturday and into Sunday. This is the part of the country that is most likely to be dodging rain showers on Mother's Day.

Some of the highest chances of rain will stretch from the eastern Great Lakes and into the central Appalachians. Although the storm system that was responsible for the deadly severe weather that impacted the central U.S. at the start of the week will move off of the Atlantic Seaboard and out into the ocean late Friday, the new system coming from Canada is ready to take its place.

The first showers and isolated thunderstorms will fire up late Friday across the Great Lakes. This mass of inclement conditions will push into the Ohio Valley and central Appalachians on Saturday. Potential impacts for this region to start the weekend include periods of high winds and small hail.

Forecasters are predicting that the moisture will be highly localized in nature. Some communities could pick up several instances of rain while other nearby areas remain bone dry.



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