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Spring Storm Season Kicking Off as Early as Next Week: Who is at Risk of Severe Weather?

2 months ago
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Just when it seems as if winter has cleared out, the upcoming weather pattern will serve as a reminder that spring storm season is on the way. Forecasters looking at the long-range outlook are warning that a severe weather outbreak may be in store for much of the central U.S. next week.

Here are the details on this potentially stormy forecast.

Central U.S. in Crosshairs of Severe Weather Outbreak Next Week

Meteorologists have been eyeing the upcoming weather outlook cautioning that a multi-day threat of severe storms and tornadic activity could target the central portions of the nation next week, putting millions in the path of potentially dangerous weather.

This could be the severe weather outbreak that jumpstarts the busy spring storm season, typically marked by frequent thunderstorms and risks of tornadoes. There is also the likelihood that the initial storm will be just the start of a stormy weather pattern to follow in the coming weeks.

While severe weather can pop up at any time of the year, there is no doubt that the spring storms typically brings the worst conditions. The uptick in severe weather events generally happens in March throughout the central and southern U.S. with these regular storms happening with frequency through May before conditions begin to settle down heading into the hot summer months.

It is not unusual for the first bouts of widespread severe weather to ignite at the end of February. This happens when the incoming warmth of the season clashes with the cold air still in place. This clash serves as fuel for thunderstorm development, a battle that continues through the spring months as the competing air masses fight for supremacy.



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