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Spring Weather Brings Beautiful Flowers to Gardens Worldwide

3 weeks ago
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If spring weather starts making your green thumb itch, it is time to get outside and plant your favorite flowers. If you live in a region where frost is still a threat, you may need to wait a few more weeks, as the ground generally needs to be above 55 degrees for your flowers to thrive.

On the other hand, if you live in an area with dry and wet seasons, planting flowers at the start of the rainy season can help them grow to perfection.

For some people, it does not seem to matter when they plant their flowers, they will not thrive. If you are one of those people, consider visiting some of the oldest gardens in the world.

The lack of accurate historical records makes it challenging to know which public gardens are the oldest, but there are some top contenders that you will want to explore.

Al-Azhar Park - Cairo, Egypt

The origins of Al-Azhar Park likely go back to the 12th century, but the work began on the modern version of this garden, which was voted one of the top 50 green spaces in the world in 1984. The finished project contains over 2 million plants.

This garden, with its stunning views of Historic Cairo, Egypt, is a shining example of an Islamic garden. Its striking geometric design, ornamentation, water elements and herbal gardens are breathtaking.

The best time to visit Al-Azhar Park is from March to May. While there may be some brief rain showers, most days will be sunny with temperatures of about 85 degrees.



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