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Storm System Will Impact Millions as it Moves from Southern Rockies and Across Gulf Coast

6 months ago
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A potent storm system is going to deliver snow to the Southern Rockies before moving across the Gulf Coast states and beyond later in the week. Here is what you need to know about this far-reaching weather maker and what it may mean for your neck of the woods.

Dip in Jet Stream Fuels Development of Multi-Faceted Weather Maker

Millions of Americans will be subject to a myriad of weather hazards this week as a massive storm system develops starting in the Southern Rockies. The only silver lining of this upcoming storm is that it may bring a degree of relief to drought-stricken New Mexico while also dumping beneficial snow to the ski resorts of the Southern Rockies.

The storm will get its start as the jet stream drops out into the interior portions of the Southwest.

This system will then begin to pull up moisture-rich air from the Gulf of Mexico by the middle of the week, providing the fuel for various types of precipitation depending on the elevation and the temperatures at the time. While the higher elevations of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico will see snow out of this storm, portions of southwestern Kansas, western Oklahoma, and southern and western Texas will see just rain.

The hardest-hit mountain areas in New Mexico and Colorado can expect to see 6 to 12 inches of new snow beginning late Wednesday and lasting through the day Thursday. The flakes will also fly into the lower elevations of the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles, the southwestern corner of Kansas, and central New Mexico starting late Thursday and lingering through Friday.

The onset of snow will make for dicey travel conditions along some portions of Interstate 25 stretching from Pueblo, Colorado and down into Albuquerque, New Mexico.



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