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Storms in California Bringing Unseasonably Cold Temperatures and Myriad of Moisture

2 months ago
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It is going to be another few days of chilly temperatures and significant amounts of moisture for California.

Forecasters are predicting that the coldest storm of the winter and spring season will impact the Golden State in the coming days with the impacts lingering into the weekend weather forecast.

Here is the latest on the developing storms in California.

Storms in California Bringing Variety of Weather Impacts

The incoming storm system is forecast to usher in a mix of snow, rain, and thunderstorms to much of California and the southwestern U.S.

Colder temperatures associated with this weather maker will bring snow levels down to unusually low elevations for this time of the year. Meanwhile, the accompanying thunderstorms could also pose issues for motorists.

The storm will bring temperatures down to the lowest readings seen over the entire course of the winter in several communities.

As a result, travelers should prepare for the snowing in Southern California and beyond.



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