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Storms to Linger Throughout Central U.S.

Last month

It is shaping up to be another weekend of dodging storms across the central U.S. as more weather makers take aim at the region in the coming days. Read on for more information about when the storms may hit and who will see the greatest impacts.

Active Weather Pattern Will Produce Persistent Storms for the Central U.S.

The nation's heartland is once again under the gun for severe weather heading into Father's Day weekend, a time when many families plan outdoor activities. These storms may pack a variety of dangerous elements, including strong winds, large hail, and tornadic activity.

Over a dozen states will be in the crosshairs for this stormy weather pattern with several different systems coming into the region. The first of the severe weather will get started when a cold front continues to push through the Midwest and to the east. This front will divide the warm and humid air ahead of it from the cooler air coming in behind. The clash of these two air masses will trigger the chance of storms erupting on Friday. The storms that hit the Midwest on Thursday will push to the east on Friday, sending the impacts toward the Northeast and the mid-Atlantic regions. While the central U.S. will get a slight reprieve from the activity to close out the work week, storms may linger across parts of the Ohio Valley during the afternoon and evening hours.

More storms will come down from the Rockies over the weekend, bringing the impacts to a large portion of the Plains states. This line of weather will ignite on Friday and last for a few days, extending the stormy pattern that has gripped the region since the beginning of May.



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