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Storms to Roll Through the Central U.S. All Week

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Despite spring coming to an official end this week, the typical storm pattern will linger throughout the central portions of the country. The nation's heartland will be subject to multiple instances of severe weather thanks to a stalled weather pattern setting up and delivering stormy conditions. Here is a look at what you can expect in the coming days for the central U.S.

Clash of Two Weather Patterns Will Result in Stormy Conditions for Central U.S.

Torrential rain and severe thunderstorms are on the table heading into the new week for the middle of the country. The central U.S. will be sandwiched between a mass of unseasonably cool temperatures and wet conditions in the Pacific Northwest and a building heatwave across the eastern portions of the country. The risk of daily thunderstorms will trigger flash flooding concerns as the rain continues to come down.

Moisture-rich air coming up from the Gulf of Mexico will clash with energy coming in from the Pacific Ocean to deliver thunderstorm activity in a large area stretching from Kansas and up into Minnesota. Although not every day will be a rainout in this zone, the consecutive days of rain chances will begin to accumulate and raise the risk of flash flooding. You will want to keep an eye on the hourly forecast in your region if you have outdoor plans next week that will require you to plan around the weather.

The storms fired up again Saturday night across the High Plains and into the northern Plains. Forecasters are warning that another area of severe weather will set up across the central Plains and into the Upper Midwest as a front drops to the south and sparks the stormy activity.



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