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Storms to Trigger Change in the Weather Across the West

Last month

It has been a hot stretch of weather for much of the West Coast. Several daily record highs have been broken over the last week thanks to a massive heat dome that has set up over the region. A meaningful change in the weather pattern will translate to the risk of thunderstorms ahead of the cooldown for this part of the country. Here is a look at the forecast for the western U.S. in the coming days.

Series of Storms Heading in From the Pacific Will Lead to Change in the Weather

It was another hot week for the interior West this week but that is all about to change beginning on Friday. An uptick in storm activity will usher out the last days of the astronomical spring. While the surge of moisture will be good news for areas that need the rain, the frequent lightning strikes will also pose the risk of wildfire development, particularly in the interior portions of the Southwest.

The change will be brought by the arrival of a storm from the Pacific Ocean. This storm has been hanging out just off the coast of California for the last several days, working to send the surge of heat into the western U.S. and keeping the moisture at bay. However, this storm is predicted to finally move inland on Thursday and Friday, sparking the noticeable change in the weather.



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