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Temperatures Will Drop in the Coming Days Across Northeast, South, and Beyond

3 weeks ago
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Cooler air is already settling in across some portions of the Northeast and the South, bringing an end to the summer like conditions of the past holiday weekend. How much can you expect the temperatures to tumble in the coming days? Read on for the details.

Chillier Air Slipping to the South from Canada Will Bring Down Temperatures Out East

Multiple rounds of cooler and less humid air are set to filter down from Canada this week, trimming the heat across the Great Lakes, the Northeast, the mid-Atlantic, and the South. Temperatures will be more typical of April and early May across this region rather than a calendar that is getting ready to flip to June. The relief will be particularly welcome in the southern U.S. after the stifling heat and humidity that has gripped the region over the last few days.

The mercury has been trending well above the historical average since the middle of May. The arrival of the cool Canadian air will bring down these readings to 5 to 15 degrees below the norm for the end of May. This contrast will make it even chillier when compared to the unseasonable warmth earlier.

Looking at the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. is forecast to see temperatures hover in the mid 70s beginning Wednesday and lasting through Friday. This will be a few degrees under the average for this time of the year, however, temperatures hit the 80s over the last week.

Areas in upstate New York will struggle to get out of the mid 60s for highs. This will compare to averages in the mid 70s. For example, Syracuse will top out with a forecast high of about 67 degrees this week until a warming trend begins on Friday and heading into the weekend.



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