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Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas Weather in February Experiencing Springlike Warmth

2 months ago
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The southern Plains and South Central states are in for a pronounced warmer weather this week as a bulge in the jet stream ushers in hot air and temperatures rising 30 to 40 degrees above early-weekend lows. High pressure over Texas weather in February will promote mainly sunny skies, light winds, and summer-like warmth reaching nearly 80 degrees in many areas by midweek.

Warmer Weather Shifts Winter to Spring

The abrupt shift from wintry chill to spring fever is attributed to shifting upper-level winds associated with curves and bulges in the northern hemisphere’s jet stream. As the jet stream—a fast river of air in the upper atmosphere—takes a more northerly route over the nation’s midsection, it will act as a conduit for warm, southerly breezes to infiltrate places like Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana February weather.

These winds originating from Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico will clash with departing cold, arctic air over the central United States. The result, meteorologists say, are rapid day-to-day temperature jumps more akin to seasonal changes than week-to-week variability.

Cities like Dallas and Oklahoma City, which struggled to top 45 and 32 degrees respectively in the last weekend weather forecast, are now on track to experience their first 80-degree temperatures of the young year by Wednesday.

The summery preview could not come at a better time for winter-weary residents across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana eager for spring’s arrival. Many locations have observed all-time record cold this winter, including an unprecedented week-long Texas cold weather last February that crippled infrastructure and led to nearly 200 deaths.

The springlike respite will offer multiple days to enjoy the outdoors without the need for heavy jackets or hats. Other than some high clouds, weather conditions will remain rain-free and ideal for things like having a picnic, walking in the park, or even grilling dinner on the patio after work. With high pressure stationed nearby, light winds will keep blowing dust and pollen to a minimum.



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