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Thawing Out Across Eastern Half of U.S. Will Usher in New Problems

5 months ago
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Help is on the way for those who are tired of the persistent bitter cold throughout the central and eastern U.S. A thawing out is in the forecast for next week.

However, will this thaw trigger a different set of problems? Here is what you need to know about the upcoming warming trend.

Warmer Temperatures on the Way

The central and eastern portions of the country are going to need to wait a few more days until warmer temperatures arrive. The current Arctic air mass is predicted to dissolve heading into the start of the new work week.

But this surge of moderate temperatures will come with its own set of hazards in the form of heavy rain, thick fog, and flooding.

The mercury will begin its upward climb on Monday for most of the eastern half of the nation. The warming trend will be a dramatic change from the frigid air that has been circulating over the region since the beginning of the year.

After recording lows in the teens early Sunday, New York City will be back up in the 40s for highs on Tuesday and Wednesday. A similar situation will unfold for areas of the Midwest and the Northeast with the warmth spreading from west to east.

It will be even warmer in the south-central U.S. and into the Southeast with highs hitting as high as the 60s at the peak of the warming trend.

For instance, after a high of just 33 degrees on Saturday, Atlanta will begin to slowly inch upward until it reaches the 60s on Wednesday.



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