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Relief from Heat on the Horizon for Eastern U.S.

4 weeks ago
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The heat dome anchored over the Northeast finally began to break down over the weekend, signaling the arrival of more seasonable temperatures for this part of the country. Here is a more detailed look at when the relief will arrive to various parts of the eastern U.S.

Relief from Heat Slowly Creeping Across Eastern U.S.

A mass of cooler and less humid air made its way down from eastern Canada on Saturday, ushering in a reprieve from the heat for eastern New England. While the mercury remained in the 90s through Sunday for a large portion of the Interstate 95 corridor, the northern tier of New England saw temperatures struggle to climb out of the upper 60s for highs.

The continuous track of the first cool front will work to bring down temperatures as well as humidity levels on Monday, starting in the Great Lakes and continuing into the central Appalachians and the mid-Atlantic. The change will be a dramatic shift from the weather over the weekend when extreme heat enveloped the Ohio Valley on Saturday before hitting the mid-Atlantic on Sunday.

Credit: Adobe Stock



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