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The Heat is on in the Sunshine State Heading Into the Weekend

Last month
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Floridians are accustomed to seeing searing temperatures. But the current stretch of warm days is hot by even their standards, particularly for the middle of May. How long will the heat linger and exactly how hot will it get? Read on for all of the details.

Triple Digit Temperatures Possible in Parts of Florida Heading Into the Weekend

The mercury could eclipse the century mark throughout much of the interior portions of the Sunshine State. These readings are unusual even during the height of the summer season. Florida's high humidity levels generally work to keep temperatures in check, making this influx of heat of this magnitude a rarity.

A lack of widespread rain has also contributed to the unseasonable warmth. While thunderstorms have fired up across the panhandle region and in Central Florida in recent weeks, the storm cells have not drifted into the southern part of the peninsula. All of this combined with the absence of any cold fronts dipping this far south has sent the mercury on an upward trajectory that will not abate soon.

The month of May generally brings warm temperatures and dry conditions to Florida. The intense sunshine of this month works to bring up temperatures but not to this degree. The state begins to see relief from the searing heat by the end of the month when the typical summer thunderstorm season starts.



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