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Threat of Storms Will Creep to the East Throughout the Week

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Another round of severe storms is bearing down on the central and southern portions of the U.S. to bring the week to a close. While these storm cells are not likely to be as volatile as what the region saw during last week's outbreak, they will still be strong enough to potentially disrupt outdoor activities and travel plans. Here is what you need to know about the forecast over the next few days.

New Weather Maker Exiting the Rockies and Heading Toward the Plains

Tuesday's greatest storm impacts stretched from the Ohio Valley and down into Florida. However, the focus of the next round of storms will once again be positioned over the Plains states. A new weather maker is going to eject out of the Rocky Mountains and into the central Plains beginning Wednesday. This system will then continue to the east on Thursday and Friday, bringing its impacts to millions of Americans in its path.

Areas in the potential impact zone include the Mississippi Valley and across into the Gulf Coast. Although the storms are not expected to be widespread in nature, there will likely be severe impacts on a localized nature



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