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Thunderstorms Continue to Target the Nation's Mid-Section This Week

2 weeks ago
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Severe weather is on tap for consecutive days in a row this week for much of the central U.S. The biggest threat associated with this week's storms will be the potential of high winds. Here is an updated look at how these storms might progress in the coming days.

Central U.S. Under Threat of Potentially Dangerous Winds in Coming Days

While the chances of tornadic activity will not be as prevalent as a threat as it has been in recent weeks, it does not mean that the central U.S. is going to get away with no storms. This week's storm will transition to smaller disturbances that move through at a fast clip when compared to the activity of the last few weeks.

This week's weather pattern will still bring the risk of damaging winds, hail, and torrential rain that could create flash flooding concerns. The zone of potential impacts will stretch from Mexico and up to the Canadian border at various times throughout the week.



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