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Warmer Temperatures in the South-Central U.S. Will Pair with Severe Weather Tuesday and Beyond

5 months ago
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The good news is that the temperatures are going to rise across the southern U.S. this week after several days of unseasonably cold weather. The bad news is that this warming trend will be accompanied by multiple rounds of rain and the chance of severe weather Tuesday and beyond in the form of thunderstorms, flash flooding, and strong winds.

Here is the severe weather reports this region of the nation is looking at heading into the new work week.

Moisture Creeping Up from Gulf of Mexico to Fuel This Week's Rain Event

The deluge of moisture will set up when the moist air from the Gulf of Mexico migrates northward and collides with the energy coming in from the Desert Southwest. The storms have already fired up across some portions of the south-central U.S. from severe weather in Texas, the eastern portions, and into Arkansas and Louisiana.

Colder temperatures still entrenched over this region translated to freezing rain that complicated the morning commute on Monday and created a mess of flight schedules in and out of some of the area's busiest airports.

Strong winds coming up from the Gulf of Mexico will bring up warmer air, putting the mercury on an upward trajectory as the week progresses. Humidity levels will also increase thanks to the warm and moist air.

The threat of rain and severe weather in Texas will be an issue by the mid-point of the week. Storms are going to be a concern and create severe weather Tuesday night across the same part of eastern Texas that saw torrential rainfall on Monday.

For instance, the city of Tyler is forecast to pick up an additional 2 to 3 inches of rain during the severe weather Tuesday with thunderstorms and severe weather in Texas also a good possibility. Temperatures will remain on the moderate side with a high of about 61 degrees and lows that dip down into the mid 50s.

Some of the storm cells could produce winds that hit up to 80 mph. Winds of this degree can easily bring down trees and trigger widespread power outages. This risk will be heightened because the ground is so saturated and unstable from the previous rounds of rain.



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