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Deadly Tornadoes

Tornadoes Kill Three People in Ohio Valley with More Storms on the Way for the South

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At least three people are dead and 50 more injured after a line of storms roared through eastern Indiana and into western Ohio on Thursday evening. Here are the details of this rash of severe weather as well as a look into what parts of the nation should brace for rain and stormy conditions heading into the weekend.

Tornadoes Rip Through Ohio and Indiana

Logan County Sheriff Randall Dodds confirmed that a tornado hit the community of Indian Lake located in the western part of Ohio on Thursday, the twister that is being blamed for the three fatalities. Officials warn that there will likely be more deaths discovered as crews sift through the rubble left behind by the tornado.

Other communities that experienced significant damage in Logan County include Midway, Lakeview, Orchard Island, and Russells Point. Lakeview reported sustained destruction of homes, campgrounds, and a laundromat. Several injuries were reported at an RV park in the area.

Winchester, Indiana also took the brunt of the storms. Indiana State Police Superintendent Douglas Carter told the media late Thursday that there were significant injuries reported in this town. Temporary shelters have opened for residents needing help.

The neighboring town Selma also appeared to be damaged by a tornado, according to the Delaware County Emergency Management Agency. Also in Indiana, a suspected twister hit Jefferson County, bringing down trees and power lines and damaging homes.

The tornadic activity was part of a widespread storm system that impacted millions of Americans from Texas and up through western Pennsylvania.



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