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Trillions of Cicadas Preparing to Emerge in the U.S. After Over 200 Years

2 months ago
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The Eastern United States is bracing for a unique and somewhat noisy phenomenon – a double emergence of periodical cicadas.

Brood 13, with its 17-year life cycle, and Brood 19, emerging every 13 years, will erupt from the ground in a synchronized symphony of chirps and clicks for the first time since 1803, when Thomas Jefferson was president.

This event is being referred to by experts as "cicada-geddon", however, it won't be the biggest one ever. Two of the largest broods, XIX and XIV, will emerge in 2076, and is referred to as "cicada-palooza" by John Cooley, cicada expert at the University of Connecticut.

Numbers, Size, and Scientific Significance

The United States boasts 15 distinct "periodical" cicada broods. Three of these broods emerge every 13 years, while the remaining 12 follow a 17-year cycle. Both Brood 13 and Brood 19 cicadas reach a similar size, growing to about 1.4 inches.

However, other broods can be much larger, with some reaching double the size and sporting impressive wingspans of up to eight inches.



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