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Tropical Cyclone Kills Over 50 in Asia as Iceland Deals With More Volcanic Eruptions

3 weeks ago
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A deadly tropical cyclone slamming into India and Bangladesh and another volcanic eruption in Iceland are headlining the global weather events this week. Here is a look at both of these impactful events.

Over 50 Fatalities Reported in India and Bangladesh at Hands of a Tropical Cyclone

Over 50 people have died after Tropical Cyclone Remal tore across India and Bangladesh in recent days. What is known as a hurricane in North America, the tropical cyclone unleashed heavy rain and strong winds across the region after making landfall early this week. While the storm has since weakened, its impacts are still being felt in both Bangladesh and the northeastern corner of India.

The Indian state of Mizoram bore the brunt of the impacts with 27 reported fatalities. Officials with the Mizoram government said that electrical and water services have been disrupted as a result of the severe damage to the infrastructure.

There were also deaths reported in the state of West Bengal in the eastern part of India and the state of Telangana to the south. Over 1 million residents of India and Bangladesh were evacuated on Sunday when models indicated a likely landfall near the border of the two Asian countries. Tropical Cyclone Remal ended up making landfall about 50 miles to the southeast of the city of Kolkata.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, Remal was packing winds of 84 mph when it came onshore. The storm weakened into a tropical depression over the eastern part of Bangladesh as it moved to the north on Monday.

Both countries suffered widespread damage, including toppled trees and flooded roadways. Millions of residents were left without power in the wake of the storm. Local officials have dispatched the military forces and volunteers to assist with the cleanup efforts and to provide aid to residents who have been displaced from their homes.



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