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Tropical Moisture on the Way to South Florida Just in Time for the Weekend

4 weeks ago
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It is going to be a wet start to the weekend for South Florida as a storm packed with tropical moisture begins moving across this part of the Sunshine State late Friday. Here is a look at how much rain will fall and the timing of the arrival of this weather maker.

Tropical Moisture Moving Across Southern Portion of Florida

South Florida is going to be in the crosshairs for a major storm system that will dump meaningful moisture across this part of the peninsula to close out the week.

The rain will come after an extended stretch of dry weather may have made residents complacent. The system will also raise the risk of severe thunderstorms for the region, capable of delivering torrential rain and slowing down travel.

Miami will be at the heart of the action with 1 to 3 inches of rain in the forecast. At the height of the activity, you can expect rainfall amounts of an inch per hour.

Rain that comes down at this fast of a clip could quickly overwhelm storm drains and create flooding concerns.



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