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Tropical Storm Warnings Issued for Texas Coastline

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Portions of the Texas Gulf Coast were put under a tropical storm warning on Tuesday as a growing rainstorm barrels toward the region with an estimated landfall in Mexico. Here is the latest on this developing tropical rainstorm.

Credit: National Hurricane Center

Tropical Storm Warnings Issued for Portion of Texas Coastline

Tropical storm warnings are now in effect for parts of Texas as the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season prepares to see its first named feature of the year. The atypically warm ocean waters in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico fueled the development of this tropical rainstorm over the past few days. Forecasters are warning that yet another named storm could come to life later in the week.

As of late Tuesday, the tropical rainstorm is moving through the western Gulf of Mexico with its eye on the Texas Gulf Coast and northeastern Mexico. The feature was designated Potential Tropical Cyclone One earlier in the week by the National Hurricane Center (NHC). This system is likely to become the first named tropical storm of the Atlantic season, taking on the name Alberto should it develop consistent wind speeds of 39 mph or greater.



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