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Unusual Weather for the West Coast this Weekend

4 months ago

The West Coast is going to experience some strange weather patterns in the coming days as the normally wet Northwest enjoys warm and dry conditions while the Southwest deals with rain and chilly temperatures. Here is a look at this opposing weather forecast.

Opposite Forecasts for the Corners of the West Coast

It will feel more like May in the Pacific Northwest throughout the weekend and into the early parts of next week. This will be in juxtaposition to a wet and chilly forecast for the Southwest.

Major cities such as Seattle and Portland will be basking in the sunshine that sends the mercury up to levels well above the norm for the middle of March. For instance, Seattle will approach the 70-degree mark over the next few days while Portland will likely eclipse this mark with readings predicted to hover in the low to mid 70s.

This forecast is what you would most typically find during the end of May and the beginning of June in these cities. The pleasant conditions will surge as far north as Vancouver, British Columbia.



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