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Violent and Scattered Thunderstorm Forecast to Impact Central and Eastern Portions of Country

2 months ago
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It is setting to be a potentially stormy day across over a dozen states on Tuesday and into Wednesday as a potent weather maker sweeps through the central and eastern U.S. The scattered thunderstorm forecast is expected to bring strong winds, large hail, heavy rain, and tornadic activity.

Trailing the storm will be a rush of colder air that will bring the temperatures down as much as 60 degrees in a period of just 24 hours. Here is what you need to know about this volatile weather pattern.

Severe Scattered Thunderstorm Forecast to Rock the Central and Eastern U.S. Beginning Late Tuesday

February is going to go out on a rocky note as storms sweep through a large swath of the country, bringing impacts such as thunderstorms and the potential of nocturnal tornadoes.

The line of storms will form as a cold front erases the springlike warmth that has been in place from the Plains states and into the Appalachians. The upcoming storms are forecast to impact as many as 50 million Americans over the next two days.

Forecasters have been warning of the likelihood of a severe scattered thunderstorm outbreak beginning late Tuesday since the system first came together in the Pacific Ocean last week. This weather maker is predicted to interact with a potent jet stream as well as an influx of warm and moist air coming up from the Gulf of Mexico to fuel the storm development.

All of this will be boosted by the significant clash of temperatures as the cooler air associated with the cold front clashes with the unseasonable February warmth already in place.



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