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Weather Expert Warns of Troubling Tornado Trend Emerging as Storms Shift East Out of Great Plains

6 months ago
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Weather experts are noticing a troubling new trend emerging in the United States region prone to tornado formation.

The powerful storms are shifting east out of the traditional Tornado Alley over the Great Plains and into more densely populated areas unaccustomed and ill-prepared to face such severe weather events.

Northern Illinois University scientist Walker Ashley reports explosive recent growth in tornado numbers and human exposure risk in southern states like Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Illinois.

Population growth in these areas means more people and property sit vulnerable to the path of destruction tornadoes leave behind. The expanded area, which is now at higher risk, has been dubbed the "expanded bullseye."

Warmer winters, courtesy of climate change, are a prime suspect behind the eastward creep of tornado activity.

While links between increasing global temperatures and tornadoes require further study, the changing climate appears to be altering variables known to contribute to severe storms like those that spawn twisters.

Hotter air can hold more moisture, and winter warming reduces cold snaps that historically tamped down tornado formation chances.

When an F3 tornado ploughed through Mississippi in March 2022 with 200-mile-per-hour winds, drone footage revealed astonishing devastation. The raging winds left a semi-truck perched atop a pile of rubble where structures in the town of Rolling Fork once stood.

An F3 tornado overturns trains, uproots full-grown trees, and obliterates weaker homes in its path.

President Joe Biden toured the aftermath and noted the neighbourhood was basically gone in three minutes. All the fundamental elements required to sustain life are wiped out in a blink.

Scientists like Dr. Ashley warn to expect more such catastrophes as climate change alters the ingredients, leading to the formation of extreme weather events like tornadoes.



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