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Weather For the Weekend in the Southern U.S. Preparing For Persistent Rain

4 months ago
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A dramatic change in the weather for the weekend is on the horizon for the southern U.S., erasing the dry and sunny conditions and ushering in a rain shower and thunderstorms.

Read on for all that you need to know about the timing and intensity of this wet weekend weather forecast.

Exit of High Pressure Zone Will Usher in Stormy Conditions for the South

It was a nice break while it lasted, but this rain news will bring a shift. Residents of the South have been basking in the sunshine and warmth this week, however, weather for the weekend will bring a more steady rain shower and threat of severe weather.

A large zone of high pressure is expected to remain tethered over the region through Thursday.

However, this area of high pressure is forecast to move to the east and out into the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, triggering the shift in the weather pattern.

Until that time, temperature readings across the Gulf Coast and into the Southeast will trend about 5 to 10 degrees above the historical average for the first week of February.

How warm the weekend weather forecast get?



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